What is SEO, And Why Is SEO Important ?

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When trying to understand “What is SEO, and why SEO is important?”, you first have to define it. Search Engine Optimization or SEO can be best described as the combination of this three-part strategy.

  • The optimization of the website to ensure that Google and other search engines can correctly index and read its pages.
  • Including content on the website that allows both search engines or consumers too easily define its relevance or importance on any subject marker or search query.
  • Publishing content that is supported by the SEO goals above and which is easily shareable. The more meaningful content that you can publish that has been shared on sites dedicated to the same topic, the more this will influence your Google ranking.

SEO Deep Dive

SEO is the technical term describing the optimization of your website to get organic, free traffic from the SERPS – search engine results pages.

So to further unpack this definition, SEO involves changes to your website design and content thereby optimizing your site and ultimately providing it with more ranking factors for search engines. When done correctly the search engine will display your website as a top result on the search engine results page.

Although SEO and SEM – search engine marketing appear complex due to the different factors that can impact your ranking, the process for search engine optimization is easier than it appears to be.

The goal of the search engines is to render the best and most relevant service for their users. This means providing results on the search engine pages that are both high in quality and also relevant to what the searcher is looking for.

In order to do this, search engines will essentially scan different websites with the objective of understanding what the site is about. In this manner they are capable of delivering more relevant results to Internet users who are searching for certain topics or keywords.

Additionally, search engines scan the websites to determine how efficient it is to navigate and read the website, rewarding user-friendly sites with better rankings on the search engine results page.

Search engine optimization involves the process of ensuring that your site ranks high in the search engines for relevant keywords and phrases. For example, if you created an blog article about gardening, in order to get your blog in front of the target searcher group, you’d have to optimize your blog so that it show up as a top search result for an Internet user who searches for the phrase “how to garden.”

The benefits of implementing search engine optimization for your organization or business are many. SEO improvement help to expand your visibility, hence ranking in the search engines. This helps to engage more potential customers. By creating more engaging and effective SEO-optimized content, you increase your opportunity of attracting more targeted organic traffic.

The adjustment of your website and content for greater visibility and readability, you help give your business or organization better SEO ranking factors. Why settle for low SERP rankings when you could be at the top.

What are the core elements of SEO?

  • Optimizing you sites meta content including descriptions and meta titles to boost your SEO.
  • Instead of using irrelevant anchor texts, like “click here” try using relevant content sentences.
  • Focus on creating content that your potential clients want to read.
  • Providing solutions to people’s problems leads to an increased shareability of your content.
  • Storytelling is becoming an increasingly important part of SEO. When creating copy for your website, it is essential to grab a reader’s attention.
  • Investing in high-quality imagery, including photos and videos, will guarantee you a higher return than any poor quality screenshot.
  • It’s essential to spend time formulating your headlines. Your search engine ranking will depend on the number of clicks that you can generate. Dull, boring headlines rarely get viewed.
  • Optimizing your website for mobile usage instantly increases your Google ranking and last but not least forget about keyword stuffing this time to get to know a thing of the past as people little interest in reading content that is jammed full of keywords.

What is organic traffic?

If visitors find your website as a result of an unpaid search that is considered organic traffic. This is the opposite of paid traffic, where visitors have been generated through the use of paid advertising. To be regarded as organic traffic, they need to find your website through a search engine such as Baidu, Bing, or Google. A referral from a different site doesn’t count. Here are the key benefits of generating organic content

It’s cost-effective as it generally costs far less than any pay per click advertising campaign.

Customers were usually considered organically reaching your website more credible. When they click on a paid advertisement, they tend to be more skeptical of your product or service.

Research has shown that a balanced approach to generating traffic is far more advantageous than using an exclusively paid strategy.

Generating traffic by primarily organic means can lead to you outranking your closest competitors. Even better, depending on the quality of the content, it can also lead to the blocking of a competitor’s online presence entirely.

To successfully use any SEO strategy, you have to create a website that search engines can understand. The parameters for this change every year; understanding the natural progression of new technology is the only way to keep on top of these changes.

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